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Janitorial Service Strategies International
Janitorial Service Strategies International  
"We serve those who serve." 
  • We provide training and consulting services to janitorial and cleaning companies around the globe.
  • We know niche services and proprietary methods that will land you new accounts, and help make your current accounts more profitable.
  • We  provide training and consulting services, we won't ever try to sell you soap or equipment or lead you into an expensive franchise.
  • Our profit model is based on recurrent training for new niche services,  so we work hard to make sure your investment has the highest possible ROI so that you will come back for our next service offered. 
   The first highly lucritive niche service we are offering is ceiling cleaning
We take the guess work out of tackling big ceiling cleaning opportunities
We have many training options for you to choose from, whether at your location or over a web conferance we work hard to make sure our training fits your schedule and exceeds your expectations. After training with us you will be fully versed in...
Recession Proof services
  • Accoustical Ceiling tile refurbishing
  • Vinyl Ceiling tile cleaning
  • Open Beam Ceiling cleaning
  • The sourcing for all equipment required for the work
  • The marketing techniques associated with each, that will get your customers interested and just about lock them in to using your service after you have your 1st appointment
  • Sales scripts, Appointment guides, and Marketing Materials that are ready to go after you add your company name and logo
  • We also have an appointment setting service that you can utilize if cold calling isn't your cup of tea, where we call under your company name and set appointments for your sales staff to go and follow the appointment guide to close the deal
Keep your company current and on your clients radar
High margins for a profitable tomorrow
Small Business
Enrique Ramirez writes,~
“Trevor is committed to his customers and making sure they are trained and have the knowledge they need to be successful. He was willing to travel to our location in Wisconsin and work a job with us to show us hands on how to do it right. Can’t say what a difference that made for us. …”
We love working with and helping small business owners grow and prosper.

We work with you after we train you, continuing our partnerships into future services is our goal.

               "We walk you through the finer points of getting these services off of the ground, and with continued support ensure you reach the highest possible altitudes of new clients, margins with current clients, and versitility of service in this ever increasingly competitive market."
                                                                                      ~Trevor Koch President and CEO of JSSI  
  1. Ceiling Cleaning
    We train you on the facets of ceiling cleaning, be it in the kitchen in the office or in the shop, we have the best methods for marketing, restoring, and maintaining ceilings for your customers and prospects. Kitchen - We teach you to remove soiling from cooking oils, food debris, and hood overflow fumes. Office - We know your customers and prospects value their image, and whether yellowing from age or nasty water stains are crimping their style we will teach you the methods to getting their ceilings back to the sharpest they've ever been. Warehouse - Open beam ceiling systems work great for warehouses and factories, but the build up of dust an industry specific debris can lead to fire hazards, we teach you to clean safely for safety.
  2. Ceiling Service Marketing
    We provide the total marketing plan for your new services, from cold call through both appointments, and follow ups that will get them into a maintenance program so that the account becomes a steady customer of this service for years. We provide Scripts, Powerpoints with great before and after photos and appointment tutorials with all of the strategies we use to close deals!
  3. Appointment setting
    We call facilities managers and decision makers in your territory to set a time for you to meet. We call under your company name from a local number, and as such these appointments are exclusive to you and will not be resold to others in your area. These appointments are guaranteed and will be replaced if the manager is a no-show.
About Us
We serve those who serve.  
We are commited to providing the most cost effective training and consulting services to the janitorial field.  We are proven to provide great information that will allow your company to create outstanding profits and to reach "That next level."  We love to help tackle even the biggest jobs with live 24/hour a day phone and video conferencing support to get your staff the help they need when they need it. 
Trevor M Koch
President and CEO of JSSI
                  Like you, entrepreneur and “how to” author Trevor Koch has seen the cleaning and janitorial industry in many lights.   Koch asked, “What is the best way to get the most reliable information available on a process to the people who need it the most, the operators?  Is it with expensive franchise buy-ins? Is it with sub-par online videos with no proprietary information? Some sort of App? Is it with on the job trial and error, training and practice? What is the best way for companies to learn from each other and grow stronger as an industry and still remain highly competitive?” He also questioned, “Is quality research and development really only for those elite companies at the top, or is there another possibility?”
                    With over a decade of “in the business experience” of cleaning, teaching, coaching, mentoring, and selling his views are radically different.  Koch believes that on the job innovation, instant learning, and smart, not hard, work should be how to do our jobs.   Also how it is important to capture and share the best practices of cleaning and persuasion you learn with other like-minded and strategically aligned people
                    Koch, at times called  the “Ceiling Guru” because he instantly works out how to tackle large and complicated cleans.  He’s also known as the “Custodian Whisperer” for his coaching skill that brings out the best in people.  Using his practical, street-savvy style; Koch's fusion of real-life stories and his conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense and individual level. Koch's penetrating conversations have been shared with folks from around the globe.
                   When companies like FGS the Restoration company™, CPC, and Koplash Facility Services™ in Canada are looking for more services to bring to their client base, or ways of becoming more efficient and profitable, and real "hands and knees, tub scrubbing" customer support they have partnered with Mr. Koch to  achieve these goals and are always willing to provide testimonial for his outstanding service.       
                   Sam Ward of 4CCP™ Writes “Trevor possesses a unique set of skills when dealing with his customers, he has always went the extra length to answer any questions his customers asked, I personally called Trevor long after his work day and even awaken him a time or two with troubled areas on a job and he would take time and advise me in a professional manner and make sure I was understanding procedure and applications after hours and on his own time now that’s customer care when a man gives you his personal phone number and says “If you have any problems just give me a call,” and really mean it he’s your man!! Trevor would be a great and major asset to any company! Good Luck My Friend and THANK YOU………”
                    Prior to his entrepreneurial efforts Koch has landed hundreds of new accounts tackled literally millions of square feet of facility and ceiling cleaning, written several popular industry instructional papers, and has given talks to hundreds cleaning professionals from around the world.
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